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Water Tank For High Speed Wire Rod

These Water Tanks For High Speed Wire Rod are designed to be used in wire production line. They can be easily installed and managed for years to come without abrasion and rusting. They are designed to maintain high as well as low speed efficiently. These machines are easy to assemble with the main production unit. The complete unit is made designed using high-grade steel with unmatched casting to ensure to resist abrasion and rusting. In addition to this, these Water Tanks For High Speed Wire Rod are designed with PLC control for easy controlling. They are easy and simple to use provided with noise and vibration free design. Moreover, they come with precisely designed frequency control and energy saving design to provide the best performance without investing much. They are designed to be used with different types of materials such as galvanized wire, drawing low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum wire rod, etc.

Features of Water Tanks For High Speed Wire Rod:

  • Designed with advanced international technology for high intensity
  • Ideal to design steel curtain, tyre steel, stainless steel and other wires
  • Robust design and sturdy structure to ensure maximum durability
  • Modern PLC control for easy and efficient managing