HTHP Dyeing Machine
This HTHP Dyeing Machine is highly suitable for sample dyeing of fabric and yarn. In this machine, yarn yarn is first wound to the perforated plastic through which, liquor dye is passed through from nozzle in high pressure under high temperature condition. Versatile, compact and maintenance free in design, it is highly suitable for both polyester and cotton sample dyeing works. In addition, it is best known for its compatibility with any kind of fiber.
NTNP Dyeing Machine
NTNP Dyeing Machine is specially designed to process or dye heavy weight & delicate fabrics like wool, terry towel, carpet etc. This machine has a special rectangular release nozzle that spray dye agent on fabric in extra low tensile force that reduces deformation of fabric and also prevents weight reduction, scratching etc. Best known for its less energy consumption, this machine ensures fully automatic user friendly operations.
Dyeing Machine Spare Parts
We are offering a wide range of Dyeing Machine Spare Parts to clients in standard dimensions and sizes to meet their exact needs. Easy to install, these spare parts enhance the working of the dyeing machines. Highly compatible with varied models of the dyeing machines, these are the best replacement parts in case of repairing and maintenance. These are wisely manufactured using best quality materials in strict tandem with the industry standards.
Auxiliary Machine for Dyeing
We are the leading manufacturer of a wide range of Auxiliary Machine for Dyeing, best known for its simple installation. In this machine, mainly auxiliary dye is sprayed on the processed fabric in order to fix the dye agent to the fbric.The machine is widely used for dyeing almost all types of fibers including cotton, silk, nylon and many others.
Spinning Machine Spare Parts
In the entire industry, we are renowned for offering an excellent quality stock of Spinning Machine Spare Parts. The spinning machines are widely used in textile and garment sectors to spin fibers into yarn or thread. All the spare parts are rugged in designs and accurate in dimensions for easy installation. These parts have high impact strength and are made of best quality materials in strict tandem with the industry standards.
Finishing machine
This Finishing Machine is widely used for quality processing of fabrics. These machines are high in demand in textile and garment industry for final finishing of fabrics. All these machines are primarily used for coating, impregnating and laminating technical textiles. We use best quality components and materials to manufacture these machines in complete compliance with the industry standards.
Screw Conveyor and Storage Tank
The Screw Conveyor and Storage is an excellent combination for conveying and storing various materials used in textile and garment industry. These equipment convey and transfer a wide range of materials and then store them in a safe place for further processing. These are offered to clients in varied specifications and configurations to meet their individual needs. We stringently test these equipment on various standard quality parameters before the final dispatch in market.
Wool Scouring Combined Machine
This Wool Scouring Combined Machine is high in demand for processing and finishing of fibers and textiles. This machine ensures no entanglement or felting in the textiles. Our highly experienced team manufactures these machines in complete compliance with the industry standards using best quality materials. These machines are high in demand in textile and garment industry. We offer these machines to clients in varied specifications and models to meet their diverse needs. 
Hot Press Machine and Press Plate
The Hot Press Machine and Press Plate offered by us is the preferred choice of users in the garments sector. Made of only superior grade materials, it is widely appreciated for it's features such as optimum effectiveness, requiring low floor space to operate, flawless performance under all conditions & long service life.
Woolen Products Finishing Machine
This Woolen Products Finishing Machine makes the fabric or garment dimensionally stable. It operates by relaxing the stains and tensions imposed on the fabrics during the manufacturing process. In addition, this machine also removes additives including oils and lubricants from the textile, which were applied earlier on in manufacturing in order to assist processing. We offer these finishing machines to clients at competitive prices.
Alkaline Battery
We offer a wide range of Alkaline Batteries that are perfectly suited to fulfill all requirements. Unlike NiCd & NiMH batteries which tend to get discharged over a period of time, these batteries hold their charge for a much longer time, ensuring the user does not have to invest his/her time/money in their maintenance, replacement etc.
Powder Molding Press Machine
Offered Power Molding Press Machine used two way pressing technique by using advanced CAM software. Equipped with electromagnetic clutch and electronic parts of international standards, this machine is preferred for its error free operation, high speed operation, precise diameter and low installation cost.
Velvet Machine
This precisely designed Velvet Machine adopts shuttle weft weaving technique for weaving velvet fabric. Easy to operate, the operating cost of this machine is low. Mechanical lubrication facility, spindle regulated operation, microcomputer controlled mechanism, less downtime and powerful motor are its key factors.
Spray Dryer
Modern and durable Spray Dryers are designed to dry a product swiftly and simply the process in different sectors from pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, etc. They are developed using advanced technologies for easy processing, high-productivity and maximum easy of usage.
Pleating Machine
High-tech Pleating Machines to ensure multi-layered pleating automatically for meeting the demands of industry filtration media, glass fiber synthetic media, impregnated filter paper, etc. They are developed to paper, copper, aluminum, cardboard, other metallic foils.
Evaporators are used to turn the liquid into gaseous-form. They are used for protecting the yarn from cuts, abrasion and wear. In addition to this, they are also ideal for enhancing the breaking strength of the yarns to make them stronger.
Sizing Machine
Sizing Machines are weaving machines widely used in textile mills and other industries. They are designed to apply the size material to the warp yarns. They are provided in sturdy design with no maintenance features to provide long lasting performance.
Silicone Rubber Heaters
Silicone Rubber Heaters are provided with excellent physical strength for withstanding repeated flexing. They are designed to provide exceptional heat transfer owing to large and flat surface area. They are designed to provide more uniform heat profiles having higher watt densities.
Durable and sturdy Pumps designed to provide the best performance for years without any damage and abrasion. They are provided with unmatched casting to resist the adverse effects of rusting, wear and corrosion.
5G Communication Terminal Box
5G Communication Terminal Boxes are designed for easy installation in hazardous areas for ensuring maximum safety and security. They are developed for safely connecting different wires and cables for creating secured communication networks. 
Water Tank for High Speed Wire Rod
Sturdy and efficient Water Tanks for High Speed Wire Rod are designed to enhance efficacy, productivity and efficiency. They are provided in hard-wearing design available with easy-to-install features. In addition, they can also resist the adverse effects of rusting and abrasion.