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Alkaline Battery

The wide range of Batteries offered by us is perfectly suited to fulfill all requirements. Whether it be 1.5v AM 1 D alkaline battery, 1.5v LR1 N alkaline battery, C size alkaline battery, AAA size alkaline battery etc., we offer a vast range for various consumer applications. The Batteries offered by us are manufactured with the minutest attention to detail and with utmost emphasis to ensuring their optimal efficiency under all conditions. Perhaps the biggest beneficial attribute of these batteries is that these can hold their charge for years, much longer as compared to NiCd & NiMH batteries, that tend to self discharge.

  • These have superior leakage resistance & offer much better energy density
  • These use zinc & manganese dioxide as electrodes
  • If required, these can be safely disposed off
  • These have requisite tolerance to shocks & vibrations